Fractographic laboratory

Department of Materials
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
CTU in Prague

Obrazky lomu

Perspective field

Fractographic analysis is a fundamental and in many cases irreplaceable source of knowledge about the failure processes taking place in test specimens or components. It is clear that both the development of new materials and technologies and industrial production will not progress without this method in the future.

Successful diploma and dissertation theses

The fractographic workplace has become an integral part of the pedagogical activities of the department. It is mainly the experimental supervision of student theses in bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies, so far more than 70 diploma and 20 dissertations have been prepared. The contribution of fractography and scanning electron microscopy to the quality of these works is also documented by the fact that a number of "diplomas" of our students were awarded by the Czech Nuclear Society (e.g. M. Négyesi in 2009, J. Štefan in 2013 or A. Janča in 2015) . The dissertations of Dr. M. Négyesi (Award of the Rector of CTU 2nd degree for the year 2013) and dissertation work of Dr. M. Kadlec (Prof. Jaap Schijve Award 2015, awarded by the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity for the best dissertation in the world in the field of aviation).